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Our Mission

Prefeca was founded with the goal of bringing back software and technology back to what it used to be. Some that users can trust and feel confident in using. Without worrying if their information is being sold and that the company working for them and not pushy advertising and data companies. With attention to software and technology best practices and using top of the line hardware and software, Prefeca Software is working to become the software company of the future that no one thought they needed.


What we do

Prefeca Software is currently providing Website development using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript along with Domain Name Reservation with Google Domains and Web Hosting using Beast Node. We are currently working on building an internal infrastructure to bring Hosing onsite.

We are also working to provided mobile application development using Xamarin cross platform development for iOS and Android for either personal/work use or for public distribution on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please check our Services page for more information


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Our Promise

Our goal is to bring back peace of mind to users with a company and platforms that users can trust. We fully understand that with out our users we don't have a reason for our business and we plan on fully expressing that to investors, ad companies. Prefeca does not have any plans now nor in the future to do business with any data collection companies that buy and sell user data for their own profit and gain. Again with out our users, our customers, with out you; we know we have nothing.